My Mission

Mike Singer Bens Chili Bowl Alley U Stre

I feel we can do much better on affordable housing and diversity efforts and would love to work with developers to find creative ways to make our neighborhood accessible to more families.  I also feel there are achievable steps we can take to make the neighborhood one that will continue to appeal to residents through all stages of life.  Currently, many younger people move into the neighborhood intending to leave in a few years.  I look forward to trying to find ways to convince our neighbors that this is a place they should consider putting down permanent roots.  We have so much energy in this neighborhood and so many potential future great leaders that I am excited to support.  I recently had a great chat with Ben Haynes and learned of his efforts to create a community garden in our district which I will do everything possible to support.  In other meetings with neighbors, the excitement of the NAACP's move to the Reeves Center was tempered with concern over the disruption to the neighbors.  With my proven problem-solving abilities, I expect to be able to help welcome this incredible organization to our neighborhood while reducing the disruption to the neighbors and our incredible farmers market.